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We grew up on opposite sides of the world… one in Australia… one in England… and stumbled across each other in Canada. The world’s a funny place, right? Molly had to finish uni in Australia and I had to play grown-up back in London. So that left us with Skype. We Skyped on Sundays.

I won, promising to step up our Sunday shenanigans. She moved.
And here we are.

We still loved our Sundays, but it became clear that Molly loved something even more. Wearing my shirts. Yes, this was hot (and she knew it). But the dry cleaning bill for the jam and morning coffee spills made it clear she needed one too. So, we set out on a mission to make her one like mine. We created Desmond & Dempsey.
We’ve taken my shirt, reimagined it for the bedroom and tailored it for her. Our prints are exclusive, hand painted here in London and inspired by our Sunday adventures. We only work with top quality cottons and our pyjamas are made to last.

Molly now has her own. A timeless classic. Handsome style with those girly touches…rolled cuffs, slip on shorts and pockets. It’s sexy comfort – and it’s all hers.

Joel (The Desmond bit) X
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